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Mushroom project and local vegetables project

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Mushroom Project

40 young women beneficiaries were selected from three wards to implement the livelihood project on the mushroom value chain. The 40 farmers were trained and three mushroom huts commissioned. Two oyster farms in Ekerenyo and Magwagwa group and one button farm in Itibo group. The project is still in progress

Common value chain activities practiced in livelihood

i. Local vegetables – spider plant (chinsaga), Black Nightshade (managu), Amaranth (emboga), enderema, Pumpkin (risosa)
ii. Mushroom production

The local vegetable project

Through the support from our partners International Solidarity Foundation and the county government of Nyamira, 1200 members were recruited to implement the local vegetable value chain. The members were selected from all the wards in Nyamira North Sub-county. 15 groups of 20-30 members a total of 256 members have began the production of the spider plant variety (saga). NNWs have signed a one year contract with Mace Foods Africa Ltd to supply 2400kg of saga per week. 256 farmers have been trained on best agronomic practices and linked to agricultural extension services. The project is currently ongoing. Future plans are to involve more members in the production of the local vegetables and to explore other local vegetable varieties e.g. amaranth, manage, kunde etc. and embrace technology

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